How it works

  • What percentage of my donation goes to the charitable institution? +

    81%. For each $1 donated, $0.81 is remitted to the Non Profit.

  • How often are funds dispersed to Non Profits? +

    On the 1st and 15th of every month, we disperse funds to Non Profits for each of their fundraising campaigns that have greater than or equal to $10.00 in their account.

  • How do I create campaigns for my charitable instituion? +

    Please send an email to to learn about charitable institution accounts.

  • How do I add my fundraising campaign? +

    If you are affiliated with a verified charitable institution and would like to run a fundraising campaign with us, please send and email to

  • What are Boost!? +

    Boost!ing a fundraising campaign is a fun way to maximize your charitable contribution. Boost!sallow you to Amplify another donor's giving by matching dollar-for-dollar their donation.

    For example, you become a Bronze Boost!er of a campaign and agree to match dollar-for-dollar each donation up to a maximum amount that you specify. So, a donor would see that their $1 donation is Boost!ed to $2 with your matching contribution.

    You could increase your Boost!Factor by becoming a Gold Booster. As a Gold Booster you agree to donate $5 for each $1 others donate to the fundraising campaign. So, a donor would see that their $1 donation is Boost!ed to $6 with your $5 matching contribution.

    The idea of the Boost! came from the successful Challenge Grants that organizations like PBS andNPR use to raise funds.

    Boost! a campaign and help to Amplify giving.

  • I created a Boost! and funds immediately disappeared from my main account? +

    When you Boost! a fundraising campaign, you commit to matching other donors contributions. In order to ensure the availability of funds at the time of a donation, we move your Boost! commitment into an escrow account.

    You can cancel or deactivate a Boost! at any time. Just select "My Boosts" in the menu.

  • What type of company is Boost! or Rogue Startup? +

    Boost! is a division of Rogue Startup, a for profit limited liability company.

    As Boost! grows, our intention is to spin-it out into a socially responsible B Corporation.

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