The Donation Hub was founded by serial, technical entrepreneurs in Philadelphia and New York City

In our day jobs at Rogue Startup, we work with entrepreneurs to translate their ideas and passions into tech enabled companies. We are coders at heart and are skilled in developing sophisticated web-enabled businesses that innovate. We love working with passionate and creative entrepreneurs who are changing the world

To be honest, we started The Donation Hub to help us

We wanted to develop an application that makes it easy for the 99% of us to manage our charitable contributions on our terms

Easy ... as serial entrepreneurs, we know that nothing ever is ... but we put our heads down and built the site, business model and company

Squirrel Away Funds

We wanted to easily set aside funds for our charitable contributions

In other words, we wanted to fund an account from time to time. Securely set aside $10 when we have it


During the day, we help companies develop sophisticated marketing and gamification strategies. Well, we wanted to do the same for us, so we invented the The Donation Hub -- the ability for anyone to amplify anothers giving

The Donation Hubs allow anyone to create a challenge grant for other donors. The Donation Hubers agree to match dollar-for-dollar other donors contributions. This allows a donor to Amplify their giving

For example, by becoming a Gold The Donation Huber of a campaign, you agree to match $5 for every dollar others donate. So someones $1 contribution becomes $6 with your $5 The Donation Hub

Fun! We were inspired by PBS and NPR fundraising

Donate in Small Amounts

We wanted a way to donate a $1 at a time to a charitable campaign. We wanted a way to quickly and easily flip a dollar to a cause

After you fund your account, you can dish out dollars at will. It's that simple. 

Give it a try and send us your feedback

Donate Frequently

By donating a $1 at a time, we are able to support more charitable organizations

Instead of writing one $50 check to my favorite organization, I can now spread my $50 to up to fifty charitable causes

Managing Giving

We also wanted to manage our giving from one place. A place where we could easily donate and see a history of our giving


Hard to conclude anything at this time. We are committed to the company and hope you are too

Well, that's what we set out to do. Give it a spin and let us know how we did

Rogue Startup Team

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